DUI Penalties in Placer County, CA

First offense DUI charges in California

In the state of California, a first time DUI conviction can only be charged as a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor DUI still results in significant penalties for the accused if convicted. The sentence you may receive varies based on a variety of factors, so the penalties may be different depending on the exact circumstances.

Penalties for a first offense DUI (with no bodily injury) can include:

  • $2000 - $2500 in fines
  • 48 hours to six months in jail
  • Attendance and completion of a three to nine-month alcohol education program
  • 6-month license suspension
  • Three to five years of probation
  • Attendance and completion of the Victim Panel put on by Mothers Against Drunk Driving

As you can see, the penalties for first-offense DUI are not minor and can significantly impact your life. Losing your license for at least 30 days before getting a work-only driving permit can affect your ability to keep your job. The fines can affect your financial stability. The most effective way to minimize the effect your DUI charge has on your life is to retain proven counsel who is well-versed in this particularly challenging branch of criminal law.

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Second & Subsequent Placer County DUI Convictions

Having one or two prior convictions within 10 years means that the penalties for being found guilty increase significantly. You will face more expensive fines, longer jail commitments, longer license suspensions, and an 18-month long alcohol education program. You may be ordered to complete an alcohol outpatient program or attend self- help meetings.

If the court convicts you of a second or subsequent DUI, you may also be required to put an interlock device on every vehicle you own. Prosecutors may charge a fourth offense as a felony, and a felony conviction can include significant incarceration including a prison commitment for up to three years that would be served in county jail, as well as other significant penalties.

DUI Crashes & Injuries

If the police have charged you with DUI in an accident that injured or killed another person, the potential penalties escalate immediately. Prosecutors can file a felony charge on even a first offense DUI when an injury or death occurs.

A felony conviction can lead to years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines, along with the loss of your rights to serve in the military, own a gun, and more. You may also have trouble finding work with a felony conviction on your record. Additionally, any subsequent Placer County DUI arrest in the next 10 years can be charged as a felony and result in a prison commitment, even if that subsequent DUI does not involve an accident or injury to any person.

Staunch Advocacy You Can Count On

The costs of a DUI conviction are too severe for you to take lightly. Don’t just plead guilty to get out of the criminal process. Instead, contact a Placer County DUI defense attorney with an unwavering commitment to clients. At Leupp & Woodall, Attorney Woodall has over 30 years’ experience fighting DUI charges and achieving the best possible outcomes for clients.

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