DUI Checkpoints in Placer County and Nevada County

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that the dangers of drunk driving outweigh the intrusion caused by sobriety checkpoints. As a result, there are DUI checkpoints located in Placer and Nevada County, as well as other places across the country.

The court ruling does not mean that police have free reign during a sobriety stop, however. There are specific rules that law enforcement must follow for an arrest at a DUI checkpoint to stand.

Some of the rules police must follow at a DUI checkpoint are:

  • Supervising officers must make all operational decisions
  • Authorities must reasonably locate the checkpoint
  • Safety precautions must be adequate
  • The criteria for stopping drivers must be neutral
  • Police should detain drivers a minimal amount of time
  • Officials must publicly advertise checkpoints in advance

If the police do not follow these and other rules, the courts can invalidate arrests made at a checkpoint. If the authorities arrested you at a sobriety checkpoint, you need a well-known and aggressive Placer County DUI defense attorney to fight for your rights. Attorney Woodall at Leupp & Woodall has decades of experience and knows what strategies are effective in DUI checkpoint cases.

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After a DUI Checkpoint Arrest

Taking the right steps when police arrest you for DUI will go a long way to making your defense easier. There are several important things to do and to not do.

If arrested at a DUI checkpoint:

  • Stay calm. Becoming angry or combative will only complicate your case.
  • Remain silent. Exercise your Miranda rights. There is no talking your way out of an arrest.
  • Be vigilant. As soon as you can, write down all of the details from your arrest that you can remember.

Following these steps can help your attorney obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your case. If you or a loved one have been arrested at a DUI checkpoint, you may still have viable and effective defense options.

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