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In California, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08% for those 21 and over. Younger Californians must test below a 0.05% blood alcohol level. If the police arrest you and request a breath or blood test to determine intoxication you are required to take it. Prosecutors can use your test refusal against you in court, which may result in additional penalties.

Behaviors that can lead a police officer to conduct a vehicle stop include:

  • Erratic driving, such as pronounced weaving
  • Driving much too slowly
  • Trying to make very wide or very sharp turns
  • Frequent sudden braking
  • Equipment violations

DUI charges are not something you should face alone. You need a skilled, aggressive Placer County DUI lawyer or Nevada County DUI lawyer in your corner. At Leupp & Woodall, our attorney has over 30 years of criminal defense experience and knows how to safeguard the rights and interests of the accused in these cases.

Your freedom and financial security are at stake. Contact our Placer and Nevada County DUI attorneys online or at (530) 836-5062 today!

Nevada and Placer County Attorney for DUID Charges in California

Alcohol is not the only substance that authorities know can lead to impaired driving. Police can also arrest you for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) if they suspect a driver has used or consumed a controlled substance. DUID can be an especially challenging allegation because no blood testing standard defines when you are impaired.

DUID charges can apply to any drug, not just drugs that are illegal. This means that legal use of a drug is not a defense against DUID charges.

Felony DUI and DUI With Priors in California

Facing DUI or DUID charges when you already have a prior conviction raises the stakes considerably. The period that the court considers for prior offenses is ten years, so even a conviction for DUI from nearly a decade ago can still be used to impose greater penalties.

The more prior convictions you have, the more severe the penalties could be. The same holds true if you are charged with felony DUI causing injury or death. If you have previous offenses or are arrested on a felony DUI charge, it is even more vital that you contact a skilled Placer County DUI attorney from Leupp & Woodall to discuss your defense options.

You do not necessarily have to accept a guilty plea in your DUI or DUID case. Contact our Placer County DUI lawyer today to request a free case evaluation.

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